#FriFotos – The Theme is Homes

More pictures from the Garden District of New Orleans. The Crescent City has perhaps the most diverse architectural heritage in the nation, and the Garden District, a National Historic Landmark district, is acknowledged as the best preserved collection of historic southern mansions in the U.S. Developed in the second half of the 19th Century, the area was home to New Orleans’ wealthy and they built opulent homes that, even today, are stunning.

Double-Gallery Garden District Home

A Double-Gallery home embellished with the ironwork common throughout New Orleans. (© 2013 TravelLatte.net)

Reportedly Sandra Bullock's Home

Our Garden District tour guide claimed that Sandra Bullock was renovating this beautiful American Queen Anne styled home, though we saw no hint of Ms Bullock (sadly). (© 2013 TravelLatte.net)

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