The Fun and Simple Cure for #WeekendWanderlust

It should not be surprising that, when the TravelLatte crew has downtime, everyone likes to read…about travel. We love looting the library of the jewels in the travel section. We’ve been known to descend en masse upon unsuspecting Barnes & Noble Cafes to pour through their travel tomes. And we love the internet because there are always people blogging about their travel adventures!

Instead of stumbling blindly through the huge and expanding “inter-webs” though, we found a great resource in #WeekendWanderlust. Those familiar with Twitter will recognize that as a hashtag, a way of grouping similar or related comments and conversations. You can hop on Twitter and enter #WeekendWanderlust into the search bar to see everyone who’s contributed to the conversation. There is also a weekly “chat” on Twitter (Thursdays at 8pm Eastern), which is sort of like Twitter’s version of Open Mic Night – anyone can participate by answering the hosts’ questions or topics.

There is more to the story outside of Twitter. More precisely, there are more stories. Several travel and lifestyle bloggers have banded together to help readers find similar content. Each week, something like the Internet’s version of Open Mic Night occurs: Bloggers submit links to their travel-related posts, which are displayed on the hosts’ sites. As a reader, you can click around to visit the posts that are shared each week. You’ll find diverse styles and topics, great stories, helpful advice, and wide ranging points of view. Our one warning to you is to be sure you have some time to spare. It’s far too easy to lose yourself for several hours following the links and exploring our world!

Weekend Wanderlust Badge

To get started, you can visit any of the sponsoring blogs, many of whom have the links listed on their sites each week:

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We enjoy browsing through the #WeekendWanderlust blogs every week, and hope you do too. Bloggers love hearing from everyone who stops by, so please consider leaving a comment on the posts you read. Special thanks if you let them know TravelLatte sent you!

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