Introducing our Travel To Do List

To Do Lists. Everybody has one – or many – to keep tabs on everything from daily chores to life plans and dreams. Different than a Bucket List. There’s a verb in there, implying these are things you must do. Bucket Lists are where travel dreams gather dust, waiting for someday. To Do Lists demand action. It’s not just a list of dream destinations, it’s a list of places you’re going, things you’re doing.

We do have a Bucket List, as well as a Lottery List. That’s where we put the trips and plans that are out of the picture until we have plenty of time and money to seriously consider. In the meanwhile, we compile our list of places to get to sooner rather than later: our Travel To Do List – in no particular order. When we get smitten by a destination, an itinerary, a travel idea, we’ll post it here and get to it as soon as possible, and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration also.

The TravelLatte Travel To Do List

Mi Casa, Mi Chef at the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

Travel & Adventure Show!

American Airlines A321 TransCon

Cappuccino with Pedrocchi

Bora Bora!

Cabo, the All-Inclusive Way

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