Monday Travel Motivation – The Well Traveled Path

Our new series of inspirational and motivational images and quotes related to traveling continues with something that’s been on our mind. This Monday, we’re thinking about those motivated to travel, though maybe not to brave new worlds nor distant shores.

There are, among the vast world of adventurous travelers, some who can only be classified as “Travel Snobs.” You may run across them from time to time, though we hope you never suffer the sting of their acerbic attitude. You can recognize them by a misguided belief that there is no honor or dignity in going to a bona fide “tourist attraction” or other “hot destination.” As though there is no value in seeing for yourself that which many have seen before.

We disagree! So what if a billion people have seen the Great Wall of China? Does that make it any less important that you see it, too? Only you can decide where you want to go, and nobody has the right to judge you for it. Meander down that well traveled path, if that’s what calls to you. After all, it’s probably well traveled for a reason.

We followed this path next to The Gazebo restaurant in Napili Shores, Hawaii, and were rewarded with a beautiful snorkeling spot! Nope, not so bad at all.

Whatever the destination, what motivates you to travel?

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