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Holiday #Travel140: The Time to Book Holiday Travel is Now!

#Travel140 #TravelTips: If you have not purchased holiday airfare yet, do it today!

Happy Holidays Jet

It’s November and we’re already gearing up for Holiday Travel Tips, starting with air fare and possibly the most obvious tip of all: It’s time to buy tickets for your holiday travels.

For the most part, ticket prices remain relatively flat up until four weeks ahead of your departure date. For Thanksgiving travel, that’s already passed, but there’s still a little time for December and January trips, provided you act fast. Generally, there are big price hikes every week – sometimes every day – closer to your departure.

We love the data miners over at CheapAir.com, because they love big data. They practically swim in facts and figures all year long, tracking millions ticket prices. Last year, they determined that the best pricing was 54 days prior to your target date, but that there was a “Prime Booking Window” from 29 to 104 days out. So, even if you’ve missed the 54 day mark, you might still find some low prices. But be warned: prices for holiday travel are already higher than other times of the year.

Almost everyone would tell you that, when it comes to holiday travel, all bets are off. Much like retailers live for Black Friday, the airlines are betting that you’re going to want to fly home to see Nana next month. They’ve already set price models in place for that, which means the very best time to buy airline tickets was probably months ago. That’s not to say you can’t still find a good deal, but every day you put it off, the odds shift ever not in your favor.

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Have you booked your holiday travel yet? Do you have tips on getting holiday travel deals, or anything else to share? Let us hear about it in the Comments!

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