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#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

#Travel140: Tame a Smelly Suitcase

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Tame a smelly suitcase with dryer sheets!

We’re not saying your suitcase has B.O. but, after a few days on the road, your bags can pick up some unsavory smells. Whether it comes from dirty laundry, odoriferous snacks, smelly shoes, or an unfortunate spill, smells can linger for a while.

Dryer sheets can help keep things smelling sweet before, during, and after you hit the streets. If your suitcase smells a little musty, let a dryer sheet sit in it for a day or two before packing, then replace with one or two fresh sheets for your trip. After unpacking, lingering odors can be banished with one last dryer sheet.

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