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Travel To Do: 5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises

I don’t know how long we’ve wanted to take a European river cruise but somehow, at the end of every year, it’s still on our To Do list. Here are five of the many reasons we think it would be great to cross this off our list with the crew at Scenic Cruises.

It’s a Space Ship!

En suite bathroom aboard Scenic Crystal.

On a Space Ship, even the most private areas are oversized! (En suite bathroom aboard Scenic Crystal. Photo: Scenic Cruises)

Seriously, how can you resist a Space Ship? Scenic has the largest river ships in Europe, hence the name. If you’ve cruised before, you know space is a luxury on a ship; a luxury that’s built into the Space Ships’ public and private areas. Our favorite feature: suites have large private balconies that you can enclose with the touch of a button, and still have full-window views. Perfect for rainy or chilly days. We favor the Scenic Ruby because somebody here was born in July; that’s her birthstone. Warning to Scenic: She may think that means the ship is all hers.


Cruises mean food. Europe means food. Lots of really, really good food! What caught our attention when learning about Scenic Cruises is foodie-worthy regional cuisine served in intimate settings. We’re particularly excited about Table La Rive, a degustation dinner with the Head Chef and wines paired by the sommelier. We like to feel like foodies, and this sounds like the perfect experience.


On most itineraries, every cabin comes with butler and valet service. Think of this as your personal concierge. Need a ride into town? Theatre tickets? A shoe shine or salon appointment? Your butler can do all of this and more. Yes, Superman is on board, and he’s at your service.


Scenic Enrich events and activities.

Scenic Enrich immerses you in the beauty and culture of Europe. (Photo: Scenic Cruises)

As cool as the Space Ship might be, half the fun of a European River Cruise happens off the ship! Imagine yourself Lord of the Castle at a medieval banquet, or taking in an exclusive performance in a regal palace. Get to know the locals and locales by bicycle with a GPS guide to help you find the perfect shop. Stroll through enchanting markets and bustling streets in classic European cities, or just settle in with a cup of coffee and a strudel, and absorb the atmosphere. We can’t wait to do all of the above!

All Inclusive Luxury

We saved the best for last! Serious luxury, all included. Private butler service. Shore excursions. That Table La Rive dinner we were drooling over…even alcohol and gratuities are all included. The best of the best? Wi-Fi is included, too! Gosh, it seems the only thing not included is us, but we’re hoping to fix that.

If you’ve been on a Scenic River Cruise, we’d love to hear about it in our comments! Which river and excursions did you choose? What advice would you share?