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#TheWeeklyPostcard – 22 September 2017

Welcome to #TheWeeklyPostcard!

Before we take a look at the wonderful world of travel blogs in #TheWeeklyPostcard, we want to appeal – once again – for help specifically for the Caribbean. As you probably know, the region suffered another devastating hurricane. Recovery and rebuilding is going to take months – years, in some cases – and aid was desperately needed even before Maria made landfall. We found several organizations you can donate to which are directing aid to the region. We love traveling to the region, and feel an obligation to help support the islands in their hours (months?) of need.

It seems like every week recently we have said, “What a week!” Hurricanes, earthquakes, world leaders. We mentioned last week that it all had us dreaming of escaping, and that feeling continues. It’s reflected in our favorite posts in the last edition of The Weekly Postcard; we loved these posts about absolutely beautiful destinations, and we know you’ll like them, too.

Be sure to check out all of the new posts collected in the latest edition of The Weekly Postcard, too! If you’re new to blog link-ups, or want more info about participating in The Weekly Postcard with your blog, you’ll find details below. We have some tips for bloggers to make the most of the link up, too.

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    • Bryna, we love the whole series from Newfoundland! It’s an area we’ve been wanting to visit for a few years now. Thanks to you, it’s moved up our To Do list a few notches! Thanks again for sharing your experiences and that gorgeous landscape. 🙂

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