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#TheWeeklyPostcard – 23 March 2018

Welcome to #TheWeeklyPostcard!

Just like the postman once delivered updates from friends and family traveling around the world, we’re delivering weekly posts from travel bloggers all over the globe!

A Brief Introduction

The Weekly Postcard Pinterest Board ~ TravelLatte’s Favorites ~ Link Up ~ How to Join & FAQ

Spring Flowers on TravelLatte.net

Hello Spring!

Although it could be hard to tell in some areas around the country/world, this is the first weekend of Spring! Around our home base in northern Texas, we are starting to see signs. Like most people, we have tulips blooming and Bradford Pears – the local substitute for Cherry Blossoms – breaking out all over. Unfortunately, we also have tornado warnings already! That’s the undeniable sign that Spring is in the air in Texas.

At least, it is for us in the Northern Hemisphere. For our friends down under, welcome to Autumn! As much as we enjoy the warmer weather of Spring, we absolutely love cool autumn days with trees turning from summer green to fiery shades of yellow, red and orange.

What’s it like where you are? Are you enjoying the change in seasons, or are you still hoping for Winter will stop dumping snow on you?

As usual, we have some highlights from the last episode of The Weekly Postcard. There were excellent posts from all around the world, but three that we really appreciated talked about where and how we travel: By train, by car, and by cruise. Those posts are featured below, followed by links to The Weekly Postcard on Pinterest.

If you are a travel blogger yourself, down below are tips and steps to add your travel blog to the “linky-link.”

Let’s Get this Party Started!


Highlights from The Weekly Postcard

They say the Journey is the Destination, right? These three favorites from last week – plus a bonus from our co-hosts at Two Traveling Texans – have some great tips and great journeys!

  • You all know Captain Obvious from the TV commercials, right? This could almost be something he would say: (You really should) Explore Canada by Train! Turns out, that great advice comes from Katherine at Bright Lights of America, and it’s so true! Not convinced? You will be after you see the photos!
  • Spring is made for road trips, and the Independent Travel Cats are giving us 14 Reasons to Drive the North Coast 500 in Scotland! Just in case the idea of driving around Scotland for a few days doesn’t convince you, Jessica and Lawrence have thrown in history, scenery, food and, of course, Scotch Whisky!
  • Remember the first time you took a cruise? Wait…what? This IS your first time taking a cruise? You probably have questions. Luckily, Ania Travels has just the thing to put you at ease: 10 Cruise Tips for First Time Cruisers. Even if you’re a salty dog, we bet you find something useful!
  • Bonus Round! Because we all want to travel more and spend less, Anisa at Two Traveling Texans shares a great travel hack: How to Book Flights with a Stopover using AirWander. We often book multi-city flights – that is, we stop-over in more than one city before heading home. It can be frustrating and time consuming. AirWander is here to help.
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If you have a favorite from last week – or this week – be sure to share it on Social Media, and let us know in the comments.

See The Weekly Postcard on Pinterest!

If you have a favorite from last week – or this week – be sure to share it on Social Media, and let us know in the comments.

How Does It Work?

There’s a new batch of blogs ready for reading every Friday afternoon. You can find them on TravelLatte, and at our co-hosts: Travel Notes and Beyond, Toddlers on Tour, Two Traveling Texans, and California Globetrotter.

Each one of us will have links to all of that week’s featured blogs. Find a few that look interesting, and click to read – it’s really that simple! Don’t forget to leave a comment – bloggers love comments, and that’s how we build a community of like-minded travel lovers! Feel free to share with your friends on Social Media, too. You can Pin, Tweet, or share on Facebook right from the thumbnails, or from each post you click on. I know all of the bloggers truly appreciate it when you read and share.

What if I have a blog, too?

Then join the fun! Participating in #TheWeeklyPostcard is a great way to reach new readers, and build your comments and social shares. Plus, you get to know some of your fellow travel bloggers, network, and learn about tons of destinations, travel tips, and more.

Housekeeping Rules for Bloggers
Can I use an older blog post?
Sure! #TheWeeklyPostcard is a great way to show off a new post, but also to show an older piece some love.
Does it have to be travel related?
Well, it is about travel, so yeah. Show off your favorite destination. Teach us how to take a train or save money on airfare. Tell us your favorite travel tips. You get the idea! Posts that are not travel related may be removed.
Where do I get that snazzy badge for #TheWeeklyPostcard?
We know, it’s cool! And it’s easy: Just copy the badge html code (from the gray box on the page where you add your link) into your editing program. You can add it to the bottom of your page or in a sidebar.
Uhm, that code thing isn’t working for me.
No worries. If you have issues adding the code, add the badge as a picture and include text saying that you have linked up with #TheWeeklyPostcard, along with a link back to one of the co-host’s blogs.
Do I have to add the badge?
You want people to know you’re part of the cool crowd, right? The badge helps get the word out and identify community members. Having the badge on your sight lets readers know you’re part of an established, respected community of travel experts. Plus, posts without a badge will be removed.
When can I add my post?
#TheWeeklyPostcard opens each Friday at 12n Pacific / 3pm Eastern, and closes on Sunday at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern.
Anything else?
You can help spread the word by using the hashtag (#TheWeeklyPostcard) in your tweets. We will like and re-tweet your Tweets when we see the hashtag, and encourage everyone to do the same.
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Helpful Hints for Bloggers

  • Be sure to include a nice, tall portrait-orientation Pin so everyone can add you to their Pinterest boards! Here at TravelLatte, we’ll use that to add you to our board for #TheWeeklyPostcard, and may feature you on next week’s roundup!
  • When you do make a Pin for your post, be sure to give it a name that includes the post title, blog name, and keywords. That will help your Pin (and post) travel farther.
  • Not up with the Pinterest? No worries, but do try to include at least one portrait orientation image that people can use if they’d like to Pin your post.
  • Be sure your posts have your Social Media channels, so readers can find and follow you right from The Weekly Postcard linkup!

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