Favorite Travel Quotes via @TravelLatte.net

Favorite Travel Quotes: Travel is Better with Friends

Favorite Travel Quotes via @TravelLatte.net

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“Travel is better with friends.”
– Tim Cahill

Sometimes, we think Tim Cahill is the sort of traveler we would like to be. Adventurous. Daring. Determined. Other times, we think he’s just plain crazy. Either way, he has introduced us to the vast variety of Planet Earth, from the glory of Yellowstone backcountry, to the Temple of Death. (We told you, just plain crazy.) One apt review said, “Tim Cahill takes us to the oddest and scariest adventures nature has to offer.”

He generally refrains from, as he put it, committing philosophy, but this one line says so much. Travel is better with friends. For various reasons. It’s always nice to have someone to share grand vistas and great discoveries with. At the same time, it’s nice to know you don’t have to outrun a Grizzly bear, you just have to outrun your friend. (We’re kidding! Sort of.)

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Image: Friends!, by Christos Loufopoulos

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