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Monday Travel Motivation: It’s a Part of You

Our series of inspirational and motivational travel quotes and images continues with a quote from Indian novelist Anita Desai:

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

Travel Changes You

It’s been said before – by us and many others – that travel changes you. Often the change is superficial and temporary; a glowing tan, a svelte waist (or not). One thing for certain, though, is that you gain a new experience in every place you go. Maybe you’ve discovered a new favorite food, or learned how diverse people get along in crowded conditions. We have a tendency to pick up pieces of language and custom from the people and places we visit.

Even in subtle ways, our ever-changing selves are made up of all of those places we’ve gone. What part of you has changed through travel? How have the places you’ve gone become a part of you?

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