#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

#Travel140: Packing Light for Beach Trips

#Travel140 Travel Tips

#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

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Trying to pack light for a beach trip? Remember that most items (like sunscreen, hats, towels) can be purchased very cheaply onsite.

There’s a delicate balancing act between expenses and packing, and a beach trip can really tilt the scales. On one hand, most of us hate buying things at our destinations. On the other, things like towels and sunscreen can fill up, and weigh down your luggage really fast, and lead to charges for extra or heavy bags.

In our experience, it’s worth packing light for a beach break. In most places, sun care lotions and potions are about the same price in our destinations as at home. We skip packing those and buy what we need after we land. That said, you’ll save more if you stop at a drugstore on your way to the beach; prices do get higher as you get closer.

Other bulky items that we don’t pack include beach towels, toys, and accessories. Wide-brimmed hats are an excellent defense against the sun, but they are so hard to pack! So, we don’t. Instead, we’ll get a cheap one when we get there. We have yet to find a beach-front hotel that didn’t provide towels, or let you take a hotel towel with you. And when it comes to toys and sporting goods, you can usually rent larger items, or purchase inexpensive ones at your destination. Look for shops that will buy back your items afterwards for extra savings. You can also ask your hotel if they have any beach toys you can use, and likewise, offer to leave yours behind for the next guests.

What’s Worth Packing?

Our favorite toy on a beach holiday is snorkeling gear, and that’s one item we do pack. Fins are a too bulky, so we leave them at home, but a good fitting mask can make or break your time in the water. When it comes to the snorkel, we’d rather pack our own than rent one that’s been used before. Yuck!

Another item we do pack for beach trips is a roomy beach bag, which doubles as a carry-on personal item. Depending on the beach, footwear is an option. Cheap flipflops can but found almost everywhere, but if we’re going someplace where water shoes are recommended, we’ll pack our own. They are light and take up very little room, so it’s worth the savings. And finally, anything inflatable is usually a good option to pack instead of purchase. Again, very little cost in space versus an added expense later.

Pro Tip: If you do need or want to pack a towel, make it a microfiber towel. They are soft and absorbent, but weigh less and pack smaller than cotton towels. You can see one of our favorites in our Amazon links below.

What are your tips and tricks for packing light when you’re headed for the beach? We’d also love to hear about your Must Have items when your family heads for the seashore. Let us know in the coments!

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