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Travel to a New You

I’ve been thinking recently about change. Specifically, about how I have changed, and what’s brought about those changes. What has led to this “new me” that I see?

New Day

It’s been said that every new day is a fresh opportunity for change. Change in how you see the world, and how the world sees you. Change in how you act and react. Change in your outlook, your demeanor, your attitude. Every new day is a fresh opportunity for a new you. I wonder, though, how much change can occur when your surroundings don’t change.

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There’s a quote by self-help author Dr. Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” True enough, but I think the converse is also true: When the things you look at change, the way you look at things will change. You’ll have new experiences to draw from, perhaps a new point of view. You might even have a whole new life plan, like I did after visiting Maui!

New You

The greatest souvenir from any travel is the change it brings about in you. You will learn new things about the world around you, and about yourself. That understanding, gained from exposure to another place, people and culture, will change you. No matter how brief, no matter how far, travel enriches you and colors every thought that follows.

People who love to travel – especially those who write about it – are frequently asked why. It seems that some just can’t fathom the fascination. I’m always surprised by the many people who think it is tedious, complicated and tortuous. Certainly, some aspects of traveling are all of that and more, but it can also be filled with rewarding moments of discovery and personal growth, beautiful sights, and new friends. What I love most about travel, though, is the impact it has on me. The “new me” is comprised of subtle changes that are realized over a lifetime and can often be traced back to specific experiences, places and people from my travels.

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