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Travel To Do: American Airlines A321 TransCon

This morning* at 7am in Los Angeles, our Travel To Do List got a new entry as a new American Airlines’ jet pushed back from the gate and began service between LAX and JFK. It was the long awaited entry of the Airbus A321T, a transcontinental cruiser with lie-flat seats in Business and First Class, and flush with luxury amenities.

All-aisle First Class seating on AA's new Airbus A321.

All-aisle First Class seating on AA’s new Airbus A321.

The transcontinental configuration has all-aisle access in First and roomy 2-by-2 Business Class seats. The standard 3-across on each side of Coach means the middle seat stays, but the Main Cabin Extra seating offers more legroom (as much as six inches more) for those wanting to upgrade just a little bit. Of course, main cabin seating has been upgraded throughout the plane with power outlets and USB ports at every seat, in-flight Wi-Fi, and in-seat entertainment systems with movies, TV shows, games, music and an eReader. In flight “mood lighting” is another interesting innovation, which is supposed to help you feel more refreshed after a long haul flight.

A321T Business Class Seating

American’s new A321T is the first domestic transcontinental service to offer three cabins, including this Business Class.

Business and First is our Holy Grail on this flight, in part because the luxury starts pre-flight with Admiral’s Club Access and, for First Class passengers, curb to curb Flagship Check-In, a private experience that includes personal travel assistance and premium access through security.

On board, huge 15.4” touch screen systems run the aforementioned entertainment system, which also features Google Earth style flight tracking. You’ll be able to see the land you’re flying over, able to zoom in on highlights, and see the “cockpit view” that also shows heading, air speed and altitude. (Come on, haven’t you always wondered?) There are also Bose QuietComfort headsets available. Meal services have been upgraded as well, and even include the option for First Class passengers to order their meals in advance.
Round trip service between LAX and JFK began today with JFK to SFO service starting in March. We can’t wait!

LAX Admirals Club

Premium Class transcontinental passengers enjoy access to Admirals Clubs in LAX and JFK.

We are incredibly jealous of Chris Sloan at, who was on this morning’s inaugural flight. Check out his review and photos in his In-Flight Review. You may also be interested in JetBlue’s similar transcontinental Mint Service. We sure are!

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A321T photos courtesy of American Airlines. *A321T inaugural flight was Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

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