#Travel140: Don’t Dirty the Bed!

#Travel140 #TravelTip: That thing is a luggage pad, so you don’t dirty the bed. Not sure what we’re talking about? Read on.

We love a good Twitter chat. It’s like an open market of ideas and information where we can share what we know, and learn from others. For example…

In the midst of a travel-themed Twitter chat, someone asked, “What’s up with that dirty stripey-thing across hotel beds? Don’t they ever clean the bed?” Proving there is no such thing as a dumb question, several people asked the same thing. So, here’s what’s up with “that dirty stripey-thing.”

Chicago W Lakeshore - Room & Bed

Our room at the Chicago W Lakeshore with a luggage pad on the bed that fits the decor perfectly and protects the white bedspread from dirty wheels.

The stripe in question is usually a fabric or vinyl piece laid across the foot of the bed in a hotel room or ship cabin. It’s not just for decoration, it’s actually there to help keep the bedding clean. See, it’s a luggage pad, so when guests plop their roller-bags on the bed, the dirty wheels don’t leave that dirt on the bedspread. Pretty smart, huh?

So, why doesn’t every hotel room have one? Good question. We don’t have a good answer, but we have noticed that when it’s missing there is usually a folding rack, counter or closet space for our luggage.

Of course, you can remove it after you unpack – we do, and slide it under the bed for later. And if it’s really dirty, we have been known to call the front desk or ask housekeeping for a new one.

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