#Travel140: Hide Your Room Number in Plain Sight

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Forget your room number? Hide it in plain sight so you don’t forget but nobody else knows it.

Travel140 Travel Tip - Disguise Your Room Number Right on Your Room Key

Sometimes when traveling, it’s fun to pretend I’m a spy, complete with secret codes and disguises. Of course, sometimes I have a hard time just remembering important details about my hotel, like which floor I’m on and which room I’m in. Thankfully, the front desk gives me a little folder with my room key that reminds me where to go. Trouble is, if I lose that folder, I don’t just lose my room key; I give anyone who finds it directions right to where my stuff is. And a key to get in and take it.

Instead, I ask the desk for a piece of scotch tape. Sadly, it’s not for some MacGyver-esque trick. The truth is much more mundane: I write my room info on that, tape it to my room key and ditch the folder. Of course, that would be no better if I just wrote down what was on the folder. Enter secret codes and disguises!

Say I’m on the sixth floor in room 12. I would write that down as 6/12/15 – it looks like a random date to anyone who finds it, but it’s a handy reminder to me of where I’m staying. If you need more numbers, or there’s a quirk like being in Room 612 but on the 5th floor, you can disguise it in other ways. Perhaps as a phone number: 612-222-5555.

The trick is to hide it in plain view in a way that is obvious only to you. And why the scotch tape? So the hotel can re-use the room key when I’m gone. (Sharpie ink does not come off so easily!)

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