#Travel140: Keep an Eye on Bags in the Bins

#Travel140 #TravelTip: When it comes to carry-ons, it’s easier to keep an eye on your bag if you put it in the bin across from you.

While it’s fairly easy to keep your eyes on your carry on while you’re lugging it around the airport, once you’re on the plane it’s a little bit out of sight, out of mind. Typically, most people put their bags in the overhead bin directly above their seat. But, if you want to keep an eye on it – whether to keep others from moving it or digging into it – try placing it in the bin directly across from your seat. Provided, of course, the bins aren’t already full by the time you get aboard.

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2 comments on “#Travel140: Keep an Eye on Bags in the Bins

  1. I try to keep my carry-on small enough to keep it with me at all times. I don’t like having it out of my sight, but I’m the sort of person who checks her purse every 5 minutes to see if she still has her keys. 😛

    • That’s one positive of traveling light that rarely gets mentioned: It’s much easier to keep everything with you when you don’t have a bunch of everythings! Thanks for stopping by!

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