#Travel140: One Key to Better Seats

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Hoping for a better seat? Make friends with your gate agent! Be early, friendly & grateful.

(Posted Monday 2014/03/24)

Angry Passenger at Gate

This guy doesn’t seem to be making friends with the gate agent…and probably won’t be getting a better seat. He should have read #Travel140!

It seems harder than ever to find a “good” seat on just about any flight, especially if you’re flying as part of a group or family. We’ve found that the gate agent can be your best friend – they have power and flexibility. Start on the right foot by checking in early, then get to the gate early, be patient, be friendly and – most importantly – be grateful!

Remember that you’re in no position to demand anything, but if you plead your case politely – especially when traveling with children or loved ones (not that children aren’t loved ones!) – gate agents can frequently find seats that you couldn’t, or rearrange folks who haven’t checked in yet.

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