#Travel140: Pack a Door Stop for Extra Security

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Concerned about hotel safety? Pack a rubber door stop to keep bad guys out.

Photo: rubber door stop

Inexpensive rubber door stops are an easy way to guard your security.

Most hotels take guest safety very seriously, but it is always up to you to take appropriate steps to stay safe wherever you are. Don’t assume your hotel room door locks automatically. Whenever going in or out, make it a habit to be sure the door is closed and locked. Hotels in developing countries and small towns sometimes don’t have chains locks or deadbolts but, even in the best areas, it’s important to use whatever additional locks are available. For additional security, you can pack (or buy) a couple of rubber, wedge-shaped door stops that you can use from inside your room for another layer of security. Why get two? Just in case your room has a balcony door, or a door to a connecting room that someone could come through.

What are your favorite tricks for enhancing your hotel room security?

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