#Travel140: Start with a Trip to the Library

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Feel like you’re going broke just researching your travel options? Start with a trip to the public library!

Travel research at the library.

What better place to research than the library? We wonder if the library at Hogwarts will also transport you there. (Photo: Dumbledore’s Army)

One of the most overlooked resources for many things, including travel, is your local public library. Most have plenty of travel books and magazines, including travel guides and maps. But you’ll also find books on the history, culture, economy, and people living in many areas you might like to visit. When you do some research before your trip, you often find you get more from your trip.

Next time you’re researching a trip or just doing some travel daydreaming, start with a trip to the library!

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    • Hi Brooke – Another thing about the library is you sometimes meet fellow travelers to swap stories with. I love it when that happens! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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