#Travel140: The Best Time to Get Your Passport

#Travel140 #TravelTip: The best time to get/renew your passport? Right now! Read on to find out why.

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Passports are one of those things that, if you wait until you need one to apply, you’ve waited too long. Even if you don’t have an international trip planned yet, right now is still the best time to get your application in. However, if “right now” happens to be fall, all the better.

One of the travel nightmares nobody enjoys is the line at the post office to apply for a passport. As with everything, your experience can be much better if you time things just right, and fall is the “just right” time to apply for or renew your passport. There’s a lull in applications after the busy summer travel season, and before everyone takes off for the holidays. Of course, it will still take the estimated four to six weeks for processing, but you will likely find shorter lines at your local passport offices.

And the worst time to apply for a passport? When you already need one!

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