#Travel140: Upgrade for a Decoy Phone

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Save your old smartphone when you upgrade – it’s a great decoy/disposable when traveling in high theft areas.

(Posted Monday 2014/01/13)

Galaxy S3 with cracked screen.

Hold on to that damaged phone. No great loss if a pickpocket nabs this one!

Unfortunately, we hear of travelers being prey for thieves far too often. Last year’s incidents at the Louvre are a prime example. Whether intentional or not, travelers often find themselves in areas where theft, muggings, pick pockets and other crimes put their gear at risk. You don’t want to be in these areas without a phone, but you also don’t want to invite a theft or lose your new smartphone. A great alternative is to take an older phone. You have the comfort of being able to stay in contact and, should it get lost or stolen, at least it’s not your only or newest phone. Same holds true for other travel gadgets you just can’t seem to leave behind.

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