TravelLatte’s Autumn Getaway Instagram Giveaway

Every year, we take an autumn getaway to take in nature’s beauty. This year, we’re adding a little giveaway for our Instagram followers!

Welcome to October!

For a couple of weeks now, our calendar has said it’s technically fall. The weather, however, has stayed decidedly summery around much of the world. But now, it’s October and we can tell that things are changing!

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

Our favorite thing about October is that we start seeing everything we associate with autumn! The weather has started cooling down, apples are coming into season, and there are pumpkins popping up pretty much everywhere: coffee, beer, pasta sauce, heck, even in the grocery store. Thankfully, that means pumpkin pies are not far behind!

But our favorite thing about fall is the changing of color all around us! Granted, it’s hardly noticeable yet at our home base in Texas, but in northern states and high elevations, the show has already begun! And every year, we take a little time to Oooh and Aaah at Mother Nature’s fireworks.

This year is no exception. The only question is: Where are we going?

Our First Fall Giveaway!

We really wish we could smuggle everyone along in our luggage, but that’s just not going to work. The next best thing is sharing our autumn getaway with you! We’ll be posting pictures to our social channels, so make sure you’re following along.

We don’t leave until 13 October though, so we decided to have a little fun on our Instagram feed! And thus was born our first ever Autumn Getaway Instagram Giveway!

Here’s how the giveaway will work:

  • Every day from October 3 to 13, we’ll post a daily hint on Instagram. That hint will lead you closer to this year’s destination.
  • On any day – or every day, if you’d like – you can guess where our destination is in the comments for any of the fall photos.
  • We’ll announce the final destination sometime after the final hint. (Although, it should be very obvious by then!) If you guessed right, you’ll be in a random drawing for one of three gifts from TravelLatte!

But wait…what will we win?

Well, we really don’t know yet, but it will be cool! You might win some TravelLatte gear, like a coffee cup or a t-shirt. Maybe a travel book will be in the prize pool. But we thought it would be even better to win something from our destination! So, wherever we end up, we’ll do some souvenir shopping to pick up prizes that you could only get there, or that they’re well known for, or that are symbolic of fall.

When we find a prize, we’ll show everyone on Instagram. (By the way, it will also post to our Twitter and Facebook accounts if you usually follow us there.) Then we’ll ship that prize to one of our winners. Hopefully, that’s you!

Best New England Fall Road Trip via

Leaf-peeping made easy: Grab a front row seat in North Conway, New Hampshire!


Nobody likes a lot of rules, so we only have a few:

  • You must follow us on Instagram in order to play. You can follow us elsewhere, also, but Instagram is where it’s at this time around.
  • Your comment must also be on Instagram in order to be in the running. Again, you can comment on Facebook, or Tweet us, too, but it’s your Instagram comments we’ll be using as entries.
  • You can guess as many times as you’d like, with each guess being in a separate comment. However, we will only count one correct guess from each entrant. (Example: If you guess the right place ten times, it only counts once.)
  • By “correct guess,” we mean the final destination. We will accept state, city, or even exact navigational coordinates.
  • Three winners will be drawn at random from all correct guesses. In the event there are not three correct guesses, we will have a “Second Chance” drawing from all comments. (In this case, your ten identical guesses would count ten times.)
  • There is no “best” prize. All prizes will be of approximately equal value, with an average value of no more than $50. However, we reserve the right to add prizes and change the prize structure. (Oooh, wouldn’t that be nice?)

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner*

*No actual chicken dinners will be served.

Of course you’ll want to follow along during our travels so you can see all of the pretty fall scenery we’re expecting! We’ll have a special Instagram Stories board going, and plan on adding a couple of Instagram Live sessions, too. But you’ll want to watch closely for the Instagram Live where we announce the winners!

Because of the nature of travel, we won’t know too far in advance when we’ll be able to do that. When we have a solid time, we’ll let you know via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We hope to “see” you then!

Thanks in advance for joining us on this adventure, and Good Luck!

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