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#Travel140: Don’t Advertise an Empty Room

#Travel140 Travel Tips

Don’t advertise an empty hotel room. Take your room key but leave the holder it comes in safely in your room.

We love checking into a hotel because it usually means a few days of rest and relaxation, or sightseeing and adventure are coming our way! We get giddy when the desk agent hands us that lovely little folder (especially when it has a free Wi-Fi passcode) that holds our room keys and has our room number (and sometimes other information) boldly displayed.

What we don’t love is letting people know which room is holding all our stuff while we are out. We might be enjoying the hotel, or sightseeing around town, but our gear is home alone! That’s why we leave that little folder in the room. All it takes is one pair of prying eyes, nimble fingers, or a fall from a pocket for that folder to become an advertisement for an empty hotel room. Our empty hotel room.

If you must, write your room number down on a different piece of paper. You could also send it to yourself in a text message. The more discreet, the better…and safer.

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