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Favorite Travel Quotes: So Much of Who We Are

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So much of who we are is where we have been.

Author and reporter William Langewiesche

“And you are….?”

Humans are such complex beings. Who we are is a million different things, influenced by a million more things. Chief among them is where we’ve been, figuratively and literally. Every experience shapes us, good and bad. And we think that is particularly true of our travel history.

As another of our favorite travel quotes goes, “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” Some trips are challenging, and you learn new things. Others are enriching, and you see new points of view. Some may even be relaxing, so you can reflect and recharge. In its own way, each trip has an impact. Every place you have been is a part of who you are. The art and act of travel shapes your life as profoundly as education and experience.

Another reason we feel that travel is so central to the human experience.

About the Author

William Langewiesche is a former pilot turned award-winning author and reporter. The publications he has contributed to is essentially a list of the best and brightest: Time, The Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, Vanity Fair, and others. His reporting has covered a broad range, from aviation (the crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia, grounding of the 737 Max) to world events (the aftermath of 9-11, the sinking of the Estonia, life along the US-Mexican border) to the quizzical (the million dollar nose of a wine connoisseur). His works, thankfully, include a fair amount of travel writing as well.

About the Photograph

The college experience makes up much so much of who many of us are. Dublin’s Trinity College is no exception, but perhaps reaches further with the impact of the Trinity Library, a resource for students, scholars, and researchers, as well as a destination for tourists from around the world. This photo is of the Graduates Memorial Building, opened in 1902 to celebrate the Trinity College’s 300th anniversary. The building is home to the school’s three oldest student societies: the University Philosophical Society, the College Historical Society, and the College Theological Society, known to students as The Phil, The Hist, and The Theo.

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