Monday Travel Motivation via

Monday Travel Motivation: Travel is the Fountain of Life

Our series of inspirational and motivational travel quotes and images continues with a quote from 19th Century German poet and dramatist Christian Friedrich Hebbel: “A journey is a drink from the fountain of life.” I don’t have a travel tattoo … read more


#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

#Travel140: Snap a Luggage Selfie

#Travel140 Travel Tips Snap a selfie of your luggage before taking off. Quick: Describe your luggage. Right now, and without looking. If your luggage ever goes missing, that’s exactly what you’ll be asked to do. In a little room … read more

Travel Sweeps

Weekly Win - World Market Australia Open Sweepstakes via

World Market Australian Open Sweepstakes

The Weekly Win: Attempting to go around the world by winning Travel Sweepstakes! I have a confession to make: I love shopping at World Market. For you readers who don’t have one of these wonderful stores nearby, or even in … read more

Travel To Do List

Travel To Do: The Live Music Hotel of the World?

A sneak peek at Austin’s newest hotel. When we say Austin, you say what? No, that’s not a cheer, it’s a somewhat rhetorical actual question. What do you think of when someone says “Austin”? read more

Travel News

This Week in Travel News: 13 January 2017

This Week in Travel News Active travelers have a need to know! Every week, there are things that can and do impact the art and act of travelling. Things you need to know about. We’ll report the highlights here, so … read more


Discovering Stillwater: A Tour of Town and Time

Discovering Stillwater: A Photo Gallery

Just like every hit movie has bonus features and extra scenes, we have some Bonus Photos from our visit to historic Stillwater, Minnesota! For more, be sure to see the post Discovering Stillwater: A Tour of Time and Town. Along … read more