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How to Save $100 on Your Next Trip

Travel Tips Would you like to shave $100, maybe even $200 off of your vacation costs? Of course you would! And here’s how you can do it: Make your car rental a day (or two) shorter! This tip won’t work … read more

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Favorite Travel Quotes: Travel with No Regret

Travel Quotes Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret. – Oscar Wilde If nothing else, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde had this in common: They were pretty smart fellows! Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now, you … read more

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Why We Would Visit Oklahoma City...and You Should Too, via @TravelLatte.net

Why We Would Visit Oklahoma City … and You Should Too

Have you ever had the feeling that the whole world knew something that you didn’t? That’s exactly how we felt after visiting Oklahoma City recently. read more

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Coming Soon: The Taco Bell Hotel, via @TravelLatte.net

Coming Soon: The Taco Bell Hotel & Resort

¿Quieres Taco Bell? I know. We normally talk about travel stuff here, so… Taco Bell? In the strangest way possible, “The Bell” is making travel (ish) news. Introducing the Taco Bell Hotel & Resort This summer, Palm Springs witnesses the … read more

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Brooklyn’s Oslo Coffee Roasters

Like many things in Brooklyn, Oslo Coffee Roasters is unassuming. A plain storefront that looks much the same as every other on the block, with a simple blue-and-white sign, sometimes a chalk sandwich board, to announce its location. But that’s … read more