Travel Tips: When it comes to baggage tags, off with the old, on with the new. Via @TravelLatte.net

Travel140: Ditch the Airline Tags

#Travel140 Travel Tips: With airline baggage tags, it’s Off with the Old before it’s On with the New. Baggage Tags: those kind of cool, kind of annoying tags that airlines wrap around the handle of your luggage. (Or, more frequently, … read more

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Three Ways to Save for Travel while Shopping at Target

Can you add to your travel budget on a grocery run? Here’s how shopping at Target helps us save for travel. Saving on Groceries equals Savings for Travel Let’s face it, travel is an expensive hobby, and it can be … read more

Travel Sweeps

The Weekly Win - Enter to win a Tokyo trip in the Japan Food Battle travel sweepstakes - via TravelLatte.net

Japan Food Battle Travel Sweepstakes

The Weekly Win Attempting to win our way around the world by entering Travel Sweepstakes! What comes to mind when you think about Japan? Is it Sushi or Ramen? You can vote for your favorite and enter to win a … read more


#TheWeeklyPostcard travel blog linkup via @TravelLatte.net

#TheWeeklyPostcard – 23 March 2018

Welcome to #TheWeeklyPostcard! Just like the postman once delivered updates from friends and family traveling around the world, we’re delivering weekly posts from travel bloggers all over the globe! A Brief Introduction The Weekly Postcard Pinterest Board ~ TravelLatte’s Favorites … read more