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Monday Travel Motivation – The Most Dangerous Worldview

Our new series of inspirational and motivational images and quotes related to traveling continues with something that’s been on our mind. This Monday, the world is still reeling from a series of deadly attacks and conflicts motivated by the darkest … read more


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#Travel140: Use a Rental Car Pre-Flight Checklist

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Before driving off the lot, have a checklist & be sure you know your rental. You know your car inside and out, and probably feel so comfortable in the driver’s seat that you don’t even think about the … read more

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AARP Summer’s Greetings Sweepstakes

When I was a teenager, my dad turned 50 and joined AARP. I’m not sure what the benefits were back then (roughly the Neolithic Era), but ever since it seemed like the club for old people to me. And then … read more

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Travel To Do: The Live Music Hotel of the World?

A sneak peek at Austin’s newest hotel. When we say Austin, you say what? No, that’s not a cheer, it’s a somewhat rhetorical actual question. What do you think of when someone says “Austin”? read more

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First Brexit to Bropportunity* (or, “Can we get a break on UK travel?”)

London is a famously expensive destination. It’s also one of the most popular dream destinations for tourists – us included. So, travelers may be looking at the UK’s break with the EU differently than others. read more


Discovering Stillwater: A Tour of Town and Time

Discovering Stillwater: A Photo Gallery

Just like every hit movie has bonus features and extra scenes, we have some Bonus Photos from our visit to historic Stillwater, Minnesota! For more, be sure to see the post Discovering Stillwater: A Tour of Time and Town. Along … read more