Making It Easier to Tip Your Housekeeper

When you check into a hotel, you probably tip the bellman, maybe even the concierge. You leave a tip for your servers in the restaurant, the room service server, and the bartender also. But, do you tip the people who … read more


#Travel140: Travel with Deep Pockets

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Deep pockets are best for flying; not just for buying tickets but for additional carry-on space! Airline tickets can be very expensive and additional fees add up fast. Sometimes, it seems like you need “deep pockets” to fly … read more

Travel News

Americans Really Do Need to Get Out More

It’s a little ironic. In this day of mass electronic communications – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram…the list is ever growing – it’s easier than ever to engage in conversations about travel. There are Twitter chats, bloggers and tourist sites … read more

Travel "To Do" List

Travel To Do Cabo_Slide

Travel To Do: Cabo, the All-Inclusive Way

Growing up in the Southwestern US, Los Cabos was our escape destination. Of course, during the lean college years, many of those trips were bare bones adventures involving cheap hotels, cheap alcohol, and sand, well, everywhere. There were tents on … read more


The Birth (and Death) of the Renaissance

One thing is certain: there is no shortage of reasons to visit Italy, nor things to see and do while you’re there. Whether you’re obsessed with café culture or Roman archaeology, fancy fashion, amazing food, or charming seaside villages, you’ll … read more


#FriFotos: Sunrise/Sunset on Hilton Head Island

We mentioned last week that we love, love, love Hilton Head Island. So much so that the HHI is back for another – albeit shorter – Friday Fotos! Warning: HHI has more than its fair share of beautiful sunrises and … read more