Let’s Win some Free Travel!

Travel is an awesome thing. Unfortunately, travel can also be an expensive thing. It’s hard to get away at every chance to visit all of the great places you see in travel blogs and magazines, Travel Channel shows, and just … read more



#Travel140: Keep your hotel’s business card handy

#Travel140 #TravelTip: A hotel business card in your purse/wallet can help you get directions back or get lost items back. When you’re checking into a hotel, tuck one of their business cards into your purse or wallet. It can be … read more

Travel Sweeps

Image: Take 10 Tahiti Sweeps Banner

Set Sail with Windstar Take 10 Tahiti Sweeps

Tahiti is certainly one of our dream destinations, and sailing the South Seas on a Windstar yacht would be about as close as we will get to a modern pirate’s life. Getting to do it as Windstar’s guest, with nine … read more

Travel To Do List

Photo: Centerstage at Verb Hotel

Anticipating the Verb Vibe

At the risk of appearing shallow, there are places in this world that fill me with anticipation just because of their appearances. Not just world famous, iconic landmarks, but every day, normal places that could be hair salons, restaurants or … read more

Travel News

Photo: MSC Opera cruise ship at sea

MSC Cruises first to call Cuba “Mi Casa”

While the U.S. and Cuba have been building bridges of late, the island nation’s relationships with EU nations have been at least somewhat more temperate over the years. So it’s not too surprising that the first mainstream cruise line to … read more


Banner: A Closer Look at the Courtyard Cadillac Hotel

A Closer Look at the Courtyard Cadillac Hotel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s an entire short story about our visit to the Courtyard Cadillac Hotel in Miami Beach. For more of the story, see our detailed review. Chapter One: The Room Let’s face … read more