Who Is TravelLatte (More About Us!)


That’s our tag on Twitter, and how you’ll find most things here on the blog attributed. Most assume it’s a “him” but actually, it’s a “them”: Rob and Rob.

#TBT (Yep, it’s a flashback!)

Hopping in Peabody’s WayBack Machine (Because we can’t actually time travel. Yet.) we set the dial for a Dallas coffee shop in the fall of 2010. Two buddies, we’ll call them Rob and Rob, are comparing notes on recent travels, mostly related to work. One is a sales trainer, the other’s in marketing, and they both log more time at altitude than at home. They are sharing ideas, tips, stories, and probably a fair amount of whining about work.

The conversation eventually comes to this:

Rob: “These are good tips! We should write them down.”

Rob: “We should write a book.”

Rob: “No wait, we should start a blog!”

Rob: “I can do that.”

And TravelLatte was born. Actually, there was some debate about a name and how to tell the difference between two Robs in an online world. There was more coffee, and then TravelLatte was born. Both Robs started writing things down, but neither figured out how to distinguish one Rob from the other. Each one signed their work “Rob,” so it was decided everything would just be attributed to RobRob. Because Rob and Rob would be too confusing. (And because every time Rob #2 said, “You’re number one” he held up a finger and smirked.)

Both Robs continue to work and travel, but Rob #1 (naturally) is the caretaker of the blog. In fact, as Rob #2 climbs the corporate ladder, TravelLatte increasingly becomes a one Rob show. RobRob remains as acknowledgement of our friendship, and the role of both Robs in starting this journey.

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