What Is TravelLatte? (About Us)

Have a Cup and Talk Travel with TravelLatte.net!

There generally are three questions from the curious:

What exactly is a TravelLatte?

It seems people expect a travel agency, a coffee house, or an odd combination of both.  It’s none of these, actually, which is too bad because a travel agency coffee shop sounds like a great idea!  For now, it’s a blog site; that’s all…and that’s probably enough.

Why TravelLatte?

Fair question with several answers, none of which are really good answers. It sounds a bit like “travel a lot” which, of course, we like to do. We also like latte, our preferred espresso beverage. But mostly, it’s the idea of discussing travel with friends over a good cup o’ joe.  Grab a mug and join us!

What can I expect from TravelLatte?

Another fair question.  We started this blog because we liked trading travel tips and talking about places we’ve been or want to go. That’s reflected in our categories and recurring features:

  • Travel News: We will highlight news stories from around the world in posts and the (usually) weekly recap, This Week in Travel News.
  • Destinations: Whether tips and information about a specific place or country, or full-blown itineraries, you’ll find posts about destinations here.
  • #Travel140: Travel Tips for a Twitter World. Just 140 characters at the heart, you might call them Tips & Tricks or Travel Hacks. Sadly, the #Travel140 hashtag never really caught on, so we’re looking for a new name. Something cool, like Jean Luc or Giancarlo.
  • Travel To Do ListSome people have a Bucket List of things they would love to do…someday…when they win the lottery. We have a To Do List. These aren’t just trips we want to take, they’re things we need to do! And you might want to, too!
  • Travel Quotes: This isn’t a category on its own (yet), but we really enjoy pretty pictures with words of wisdom. You will find them sprinkled in the Blog section, or can search for “Travel Quotes” until they get a category of their own. (Coming soon!)
  • Blog: This is where the travel stories, random thoughts and general blogtivities will live.

This is, as they say, an “organic” undertaking, meaning the site will grow and change over time.  We don’t want to be One & Done, where you read through some stock material and never come back.  We are not a booking engine or sponsored link farm. We do want to share our tips and stories, and other information to help you do what we all love to do the most: Travel!

Plans are great.  Reality, on the other hand, is questionable and plagued by insecurities.  Will any of us be able to figure out how to make the site work like it does in our heads?  Will our audience find us and tune in?  Will we find funding for our new idea of a combination travel agency and coffee house?  Time will tell, my friends.

Until then, grab a cup.  It’s a big world out there, so let’s get going!

Travel Cookies from Icing Land at TravelLatte.net

Cookies! (Photo from Icing Land)

You know what goes great with coffee?

Hold up, we can’t get going quite so fast. While we’re savoring a delicious cup o’ joe, we’re reminded that cookies go great with coffee. So does a bit of privacy while you’re enjoying Afternoon Tea. You can find out all about cookies and privacy on our Privacy Policy page.

One more things…

There’s another page you should read, about Copyrights, Content Sharing, and Guest Posts.

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Okay, we’re good. Let’s go!

Rob & Ann

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