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iPhone Case and Toolbox All in One!

If MacGyver Had an iPhone…

Two things we love: Gadgets and Multi-tasking. Gadgets that multi-task? Even better.

Today, the smartphone is just about the pinnacle of multitasking gadgets. It’s amazing the number of things you can do! Of course, most of them are not physical. Sure, it makes a great flashlight or paperweight, but if what you need is a tiny Phillips head screwdriver to break free from Doctor Evil’s titanium-plated Chamber of Truth & Death and save the world…or to fix your eyeglasses…your smartphone can’t quite fill the bill.

Clear In1Case for iPhone 5

If only your iPhone had a Tweezers app. It doesn’t, but this case does! (Photo: In1Case)

That’s why I was filled with delight when I found this iPhone case reminiscent of my beloved Victorinox SwissCard, aptly named In1Case. No mere scratch-and-dent deflector, this polycarbonate case is filled with handy tools: nail file, tweezers, mini Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, scissors, tooth pick, even red and blue pens, just in case you absolutely must color something red or blue. Or purple. It’s the ultimate multitasking accessory for the ultimate multitasking gadget. With this clever case, we’re all good as MacGyver!

Victorinox SwissCard

Everything you need and a few things you don’t – the indispensable Victorinox SwissCard (Photo: Victorinox)

Yes, this is a bit of a geek thrill. No, you probably don’t need these tiny tools on a daily (weekly? monthly?) basis. That’s what preparedness is all about, though: having what you need when you need it. Now you can have it without taking up more precious space or being one more thing you need to remember to pack. Oh, and it is TSA-compliant so the bad guys can’t foil you at the airport.

Available now for the iPhone 5/5S; coming soon for the iPhone 5C and Samsung Galaxy S4. Available at In1Case.

As usual, this review was neither solicited nor compensated. We’re just geeky about fun toys.