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The only thing better than taking a trip, is winning one!

Noun [kleer-ing-hous]
A central institution or agency for the collection, maintenance, and distribution of materials or information.
Travel Sweepstakes
Noun Plural [trav-uhl sweep-stayks]
Giveaways featuring trips, tours, gear, etc., related to traveling. Something you should be winning!

Welcome to The Weekly Win!

No, we’re not giving away free trips, but lots of other people are. Since someone has to win these prizes, we figure it should be either you or us. Agreed?

That’s why we’ve started this Travel Sweepstakes Clearinghouse! When we learn about opportunities to win a trip, travel-related gear, or good ol’ cash, we’ll tell you all about it here. Naturally, you’ll want to bookmark this page and come back often!

The Travel Sweepstakes Clearinghouse!

The idea behind the Clearinghouse is simple: We wanted a list of shortcuts to enter any/all of the sweepstakes we find from one place. No searching for names you can’t remember, and no surfing all over the web. You’ll find the basics here. If you want a little more detail, click the link in the first column to open a new page with more detail.

If you’re browsing on a mobile device, you might prefer this listing instead.

Travel Sweepstakes Prize(s) Entry Type Deadline Entry Link Rules Link
Enter to win the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Travel Sweepstakes
Kiawah Island Golf Resort Travel Sweepstakes – Win a couple rounds of golf and a stay at The Sanctuary Hotel on Kiawah Island
Two rounds of golf, Four nights/Five Days at The Sanctuary, Spa treatments, and $1,000 resort gift card. One Time 31 Dec 2019 Entry Page Rules

Ireland Dream Vacation Sweepstakes – Don’t just take that dream vacation to Ireland, win it!
Two roundtrip flights on Icelandair; Three nights at Trinity City Hotel, Dublin; Daytrip for two with Irish Studios Travel; Subscription to Ireland of the Welcomes One Time 30 Sept 2019 Entry Page Rules
Win a Trip to Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey was filmed, with Viking Cruises 8-day Paris & the Heart of Normandy River Cruise from Viking Cruises, 3-Night land extension to Oxford and Highclere Castle, and international Business Class airfare One Time 30 Sept 2019 Entry Page See Sweepstakes Details on Entry Page

How to Add a Travel Sweepstakes

Entered a travel-related sweepstakes that we haven’t included? Found a travel sweepstakes you want to share? Let us know and we’ll share it with the world! Just Tweet us (@TravelLatte), stop by our Facebook page, or leave a comment here to let us know about it. You don’t need to include all of the details – we’ll find that stuff. Just let us know what it’s called, and the web page URL to enter, or get more information. Thanks in advance for sharing!

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How to Share the Winning

It’s super simple to share the good news: Just use the social sharing buttons on this page to share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, email, or whatever app you choose!

FYI: Some travel sweepstakes invite you to share the sweepstakes to earn additional entries. Sharing this page won’t work – you need to share from their pages in order to earn those entries.

Note: Sweepstakes featured in The Weekly Win are not affiliated with, or administered or endorsed by TravelLatte. The Weekly Win is neither solicited nor compensated. In the belief that it’s better to win a trip than to scrimp and save for one, we just thought you’d appreciate hearing about some of the travel sweepstakes we find.