iLuv 5-Way Splitter connected to a phone and headphones.

Tech Review – iLuv 5-Way Splitter

Technology is awesome! While at DFW recently, we decided to rent a movie to watch on our flight to MIA. It was my first tablet-only trip (laptop left at home!) and I wanted to use it as much as possible. Already, the tablet was enabling new behavior; I never watched movies on the laptop because of the battery drain. (Yes, it’s a fairly old lappy!) We decided on Argo in HD since it was just $4.99 and we missed it in theatres, and were feeling pretty good about things until we realized that we had two headsets but only one headset port. Bummer.

Quickly, we dashed into an airport shop and overpaid for a little gadget by iLuv. (So much for saving a couple bucks on the movie.) It’s a five-way splitter marketed for iPhone, but it works with any device with a 3.5mm stereo headset port, which my tablet has. Presto! We could both use and enjoy.

iLuv 5-Way Splitter connected to a phone and headphones.

iLuv 5-Way Splitter connected to a phone and headphones. A handy addition to our Gadget Bag.

As you can see, there is a hardwired line that plugs into your device. The triangular piece has five ports to plug in headsets / speakers. The sound is great and ease of use is perfect. Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of volume and playback control on the device, and it disabled the volume control on my own headset. Really, that wasn’t an issue as volume out from the tablet was sufficient. It’s worth noting that there are more expensive versions that do have volume and playback controls. It takes up minimal space (2”x2”x.5”) and weighs next to nothing (about 3oz).

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While we only needed a two-way splitter, we went for the five-way, which was the same price, so we can use it when traveling with larger groups. We certainly paid a premium shopping at the airport – $24.99 compared to the online price of $14.99 at iLuv, though I’ve seen it at Amazon for as low as $9.99.

Simplicity of use with great functionality in a small, light package at decent a price (except at the airport!) make the iLuv 5-way Splitter a great addition to our gadget bag. We’d love to hear about what’s in your gadget bag, particularly for audio solutions. Let us know with a Comment below.

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