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Three Travel Tips to Avoid Flight Delays & Missed Connections

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Flight delays and missed connections are part of travel life, but we have three tips to help minimize them.

We don’t like them, but flight delays are a part of travel life. In fact, every year, about 20% of flights get delayed. At that rate, if you fly just once every two months, you’re pretty likely to suffer the dreaded flight delays. But there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of flight delays and missed connections. Here are our…

Top 3 Tips to Avoid Flight Delays & Missed Connections

Keep in mind, when Mother Nature decides you’re not going to fly today, there is very little you, the airline, or even the FAA can do about it. During Huricane / Tornado / Snowmageddon Season, airlines are beginning to cancel flights proactively instead of endless flight delays. Of course, flight delays can happen anytime, fair weather or foul.

Book the first flight of the day.

You’re right, nobody likes getting to the airport before the sun comes up. But you know which flight is almost guaranteed to leave on time? The first one. Many flights are delayed because the plane is late coming from wherever it’s coming from. The later in the day you fly, the better the odds of being delayed. And if it’s a connecting flight, that means even more trouble.

Book direct flights.

This one is just basic odds-making: The more flights you take in a day, the greater the odds of getting delayed. When you book a direct flight, you only get on one airplane that day, so you know you won’t meet a flight delay along the way. As a bonus, direct flights typically get you to your destination faster. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be more expensive and, being popular choices, more crowded.

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Allow enough time between flights

Travel Tips: Avoid Flight Delays & Missed Connections, via

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We’ve said it before: Avoid short layovers. You can’t be blamed if the flight you took from Point A was late, and made you miss the connecting flight to Point B. It happens but, when it does, the airline will get you back in the air as soon as possible. You can reduce the chances of getting delayed by allowing at least an hour between connecting flights,. Keep in mind, most airlines will let you book connecting flights with just 30 minutes between them, but that’s tempting fate. Sure, you might make that connection, but there’s no room for error.

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