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#Travel140 Twitter screenshot from TravelLatteRecently, while watching Tweets scroll past at an alarming rate of speed, we realized that hidden among the LOLs and RTs were some nuggets of genuine travel wisdom. This insight led to the careful opening and inspection of a shoebox filled with slips and scraps of paper upon which we had, over the years, scribbled what we thought were equally great nuggets of travel wisdom worthy of sharing with other travelers, from Wanna Be’s to Seasoned Pros.

With a little editing, and a bit of Scotch tape, it was obvious that we had a new category of the standard travel tips: better than the usual introductory lessons of Travel 101, and forced to fit within Twitter’s allotment of 140 characters. And so #Travel140 was born. (Cigars all around!)

#Travel140 Tweets will go out every Monday using the #Travel140 hashtag. Of course, we’ll need to build some awareness so #traveltips and #travel may also be used. Look for them in your favorite Twitter device today! We’ll also post them on our Facebook page, so you can give us a Like and subscribe. We’ll archive the tips here on the blog, so if you’re ever feeling like you’ve missed a few, you can peruse the entire collection right here.

Got some awesome tips of your own? Share them in a comment and we’ll re-post the best of ’em. (Be sure to include your Twitter handle if you have one!)

Here are some of our favorite and most popular tips:

And here’s the whole collection of #Travel140 #TravelTips!

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