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Beating Paid Hotel Wi-Fi: Three Ways to Win

The Argument for Free Wi-Fi

We know what you’re thinking: Some hotels just don’t seem to “get it.” In every survey asking what amenities guest value most, the answer is always – ALWAYS – free Wi-Fi. That’s been the answer since the first IT technician crawled with us from the primordial ooze and plugged in our router.

Granted, “free” Wi-Fi is not really free for the hotels. We’ve seen recent studies that show the cost of providing Wi-Fi is somewhere from $2 to $8 per guest per night. There are travelers who book at a hotel (or don’t) based on this amenity, so it’s unfathomable to us that some hotels don’t see the value. There may be rooms sitting empty because the hotels are not offering free in-room Wi-Fi. Whoever makes that decision should be fired.

Free Wi-Fi at Hyatt Regency Dallas

One of our favorite things to see when we check into a hotel:
Free Wi-Fi! (Photo: TravelLatte)

You Deserve Wi-Fi!

And we’ll help you get it.

Since many – surprisingly often, higher end – locations insist on charging extra for in-room Wi-Fi, let us enlighten you. In this three part series, we outline a few easy and (mostly) affordable solutions. Though the speeds are sometimes slower than what the hotel might provide, for us it’s the principle: In today’s travel environment, there is no sound reason hotels should not offer free in-room Wi-Fi.

We prefer to vote with our wallets, whether that means providing our own connections or boycotting a brand until they get it right. We implore you: DO NOT, under any circumstances, give them the satisfaction of collecting one red cent for in-room Wi-Fi.

Ready to Just Say No to In-Room Wi-Fi Charges? Then read on!

#1: The Free Cheats – Free Wi-Fi is out there; here are a few ideas to get it.

#2: Create Your Own Hotspot – it’s surprisingly easy and affordable to do!

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#3: If You Have a Smartphone, You Have a Hotspot! (The not-so-cheap solution.)

If you’ve tried any of these, or have other solutions, we’d love to hear your Comments!

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