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What’s the best way to get to your Dream Destination? By winning it, of course!

Travel is an awesome thing.

Unfortunately, travel can also be an expensive thing. It’s hard to get away at every chance to visit all of the great places you see in travel blogs and magazines, Travel Channel shows, and just about everywhere else these days. Even if you had the time, funding is always a challenge.

We’re here to help! We do so wish we could give you a free trip to anywhere your heart desires, but heck, we can’t even do that for ourselves. However, we might be able to help you find someone who will do that for us. With the firm belief that the only thing better than travel is FREE travel, we tend to enter almost every travel sweepstakes we can find. Because sharing is caring, we thought we’d start a new category on the blog where we can post links and details, so you can enter, too! Likewise, please leave a comment (here, on Facebook or on Twitter) to share your favorites, too.

With that, we introduce Travel Sweepstakes, and wish you the best of luck! To see the latest Travel Sweeps posts at any time, just click the link in the menu.

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