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Father’s Day in Dallas

Suddenly, Father’s Day is not all that far away. I bring this up early in hopes of saving dad from the stereotypical gifts sure to come his way. Let’s face it, the guy only needs so many ties, socks, and bottles of aftershave. So what’s the alternative? If you happen to be in Dallas for Father’s Day – or any day – there are some great treats for dad. And for you, too!

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Ed.Note: Last updated May 2019.

Father’s Day & Beyond

Don’t tell dad, but these suggestions are awesome for any day, and anyone, not just those rockin’ the Dad Bod. Of course, it’s very likely that you’re visiting on a day other than Father’s Day. That’s okay! We’ll just call this list Great Activities for Any Day in Dallas!

Top Golf

Top Golf is a great Father's Day option!

More like “over the top” golf, taking the driving range to a whole new level of fun! (Photo: Top Golf)

Dad and Golf go together like Tom Hanks and Oscars, right? So here’s a natural: Top Golf. It’s only the best and biggest pro shop meets driving range meets 19th Hole. From micro-chipped balls that record your distance and accuracy, to beers and bar grub, Top Golf is nothing but fun no matter the level of your game. In fact, it can even help your game. The added bonus is the quality time with Dad in a fun environment, which is always the best part of golfing with pops.

Camping at the Dallas Zoo

Every dad thinks he’s ready for a safari. He probably dreams of sleeping in the out of doors with wildlife rustling just beyond the firelight’s circle. But if “glamping” is more dad’s style – or yours – try bedding down at the Dallas Zoo’s Family Campout in the Wilds of Africa Exhibit. Camp Okapi features tents overlooking a fire pit where you can share stories of your encounters on the zoo’s guided after-hours tour and behind-the-scenes activities. Fun for the whole family sounds like the perfect present for Father’s Day!

Exploring the Frontiers of Flight

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is a great Feather's Day destination.

The “Flying Pancake” is one of the unique aircraft on display at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. (Photo: Frontiers of Flight)

Although being an astronaut would be awesome, we’re talking about exploring the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field. In association with the Smithsonian Institution, the museum has many displays and events detailing aviation history. Among other exhibits, you’ll find the 1968 Apollo 7 capsule, the story of Dallas’ own Southwest Airlines, and an impressive display of military, personal and commercial aircraft. Two of our favorites: the improbable “Flying Pancake,” and America’s first fighter jet, the Lockheed P-80 “Shooting Star.” Best of all, on Father’s Day, admission for every dad is free!

Hops on the Brew Bus (See what we did there?)

What goes better with Father’s Day than golf, camping or airplanes? Yep – suds, and Dallas has a booming craft beer scene brewing. (We did it again!) We have two options for you and dad to enjoy Father’s Day, or any day. (Actually, Saturdays are better, since most of the breweries only offer tours on the weekends.) Option 1 is the award winning Dallas Brew Bus which organizes monthly bus tours of several breweries around North Texas. However, since the Brew Bus only rolls once a month, we offer Option 2: a do-it-yourself tour of Dallas-area breweries from Dallas Eater. It’s a (fairly) comprehensive list you can pick and choose from, with plenty of solid options for beer lovers.

For Father’s Day, or any wonderful North Texas weekend, we trust you’d enjoy any (or all) of these fun, mostly family-friendly activities. Please use the comments below to tell us if you’ve visited any of these fun places. We’d also like to hear about your Father’s Day ideas, in Dallas and beyond!