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For the Love of Bacon

Here’s a question to ponder: Would you spend $100 on bacon?

Who are we kidding? Of course you would. We would too, and not just because it’s the cause celebre of the century. We just really like bacon. And we like hanging out with other people who like bacon (as in, almost everybody). We like having bacon in new and imaginative new ways. Okay, that part is not always true. Let’s face it, there have been some failures.

Photo: BaconFest Treats

BaconFest Treats: Bacon Sushi? Bacon Beverages? Yes, please!
Photos: Anne Peterson | BaconFest

Now, imagine a world where the greatest restaurants in a city known for great food come together to ply you with bacon. That world is Chicago. Imagine every restaurant ever (or roughly 170 of Chicago’s finest) cooking bacon at the same time. That, my friends, is BaconFest Chicago. If you have a hundred bucks you’re not super attached to…and are in or can get to Chicago on April 17th and/or 18th…you, too, can indulge in two of our favorite things: visiting Chicago and having bacon!

Oh, and drinks, too. We forgot to mention that. Bacon drinks, drinks with bacon, and drinks worthy of bacon. There will be plain ol’ beer, soda, and coffee, too, but…you’re going to BaconFest, right?

Here’s how it works: There are three BaconFest sessions: Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner. Each one costs $100 to get in ($200 if you want to roll like a big hog VIP), and lasts for three hours. (Four, if you include the Cooking Channel VIP Hour.) You have a scant three hours to consume all of the bacon concoctions you can handle from any (or all) of the dozens of chefs on hand for each session. We are weeping with anticipation!

There is one little catch: Tickets are already on sale, and BaconFest sells out pretty much every year, so click here, now: BaconFest for tickets, info, and bacon porn. There is a feel good moment in all of the porky gluttony: BaconFest benefits the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help end hunger in Chicagoland. Ironic? Maybe. Delicious? Def.

Photo: BaconFest Chicago 2014

Sell-out crowds are not uncommon at BaconFest Chicago!
Photo: Anne Peterson | BaconFest