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Light Rail Now Arriving at DFW Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth gets a lot of grief about its public transport system, or lack thereof. But here are two fun facts that should change that:

  • The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) serves nearly a quarter million riders a day over a 700-square-mile service area, which includes bus service, DART light rail, and TRE commuter rail connecting 13 area cities.
  • Starting August 18th, DFW Airport will join the elite list of less than a dozen American airports with rail service to the city center when DFW Airport Station opens!
DFW Airport Station Walkway

The new DFW Airport Station is just a short walk from Terminal A.

The new DART service – an extension of the Orange Line – will pick riders up at the brand new DFW Airport Station near Terminal A, and shuttle them through Irving and Las Colinas before heading into Dallas where it connects with other DART lines serving the 12 surrounding cities.

One of the best things about rail service is the affordability. You can get to or from the airport on DART – as well as everywhere else they go – for just $2.50 with their basic, two-hour fare. Double the price and you get double the coverage: A $5 Regional ticket includes all DART buses and trains, plus TRE service between Dallas and Fort Worth. If you plan on riding the rails all day, invest in a $5 Local Day Pass or a $10 Regional Day Pass if you plan on heading to Fort Worth also.

DFW Airport Station

DFW Airport Station shelters travelers transitioning from plane to trane in North Texas.

Getting to Terminal A

If you’re landing at DFW on an American Airlines flight, chances are pretty good that you’ll land at Terminal A. If not, no worries – the airport has you covered. If you’re flying with no checked baggage, just hop on SkyLink, the aerial tram inside of security that circulates among all terminals. If you did check bags, you’ll have to exit the secure section of the airport to claim them. Then you can step outside and board a Terminal Link bus to get you over to Terminal A.

When you’re coming into the airport, you’re golden if you’re flying American because you can check your bags at Terminal A, regardless of which terminal your flight leaves from. Otherwise, you’ll need to hop on Terminal Link to get to your terminal in order to check in and drop your bags. If you’re flying with just carry on – and have your boarding pass already – go through security in Terminal A and take advantage of SkyLink. Both SkyLink and Terminal Link are free airport services.

The Other Option

To be fair, DFW already enjoys some level of rail service. TRE (which stands for Trinity Railway Express) commuter trains stop at nearby Centreport Station. Airport shuttles whisk you to the Remote South parking lot, where you’ll connect with bus service to the train station. Coming back works in reverse, with travelers taking one bus from Centreport Station to the Remote South lot, and then catching the appropriate shuttle to their terminal. It’s your best option if you just want to go to/from Fort Worth; a $2.50 TRE 1 Zone ticket is all you need. It will also take you to Dallas for the same price, and connects with the DART trains at the Victory and Union stations. (NOTE: TRE trains do not run on Sundays.)

Tickets are available from vending machines at the stations, or through the GoPass mobile ticketing app for Android and Apple.

Photos courtesy of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).