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Monday Travel Motivation / Travel Quotes via @TravelLatte.net

Monday Travel Motivation: Travel is the Fountain of Life

Our series of inspirational and motivational travel quotes and images continues with a quote from 19th Century German poet and dramatist Christian Friedrich Hebbel:

“A journey is a drink from the fountain of life.”

I don’t have a travel tattoo but, if I did, this profound truth might be it.

Travel keeps me young, much as the proverbial fountain of life promises to do. I am inspired to stay fit and mobile so I can undertake the act of traveling. In turn, the art of travel keeps my mind bright and alive, as a child’s, filled with wonder at the world around me. More importantly, it is through travel that I get a taste of our world: The people, arts, foods, history, music, nature. Through travel, I drink in everything that makes up the mosaic of life.

This quote definitely inspires me to travel. It motivates me to drink it all in. It does not, however, move me towards a tattoo parlor. And that’s probably for the better.