What We’re Reading – Barcelona Edition

This week, I was feeling very Barcelona. If there is one thing our short visit to Spain last year taught us, it’s that we need to spend more time in the vibrant city of Joan Miro and Antoni Gaudi. The Catalonian capital city really captured our fancy, from the spectacular Sagrada Familia cathedral to the historic Barri Gotic, to the beautiful Montjuic area. We could spend days shopping and eating along La Rambla and at La Boqueria, people watching over espresso at Café Zurich and Plaça de Catalunya, and marveling at the architecture virtually everywhere you look! If only we could get back to Barcelona.

Photo of Placa Catalunya in Barcelona

A quiet moment at Plaça de Catalunya – the center of Barcelona where the old and new portions of the city meet.

As luck would have it, several bloggers we like to read must have also been feeling very Barcelona lately. Reading their stories is the next best thing to a return visit! It’s great to read about their experiences and adventures. In many cases, they also give us new things to see and do when we finally do get back to one of the most unique cities we’ve been to.

10 Reasons You Should Move to Barcelona on Runaway Jane

Twitter: @RunawayJane | Facebook: Runaway Jane

I really enjoyed visiting Barcelona, but moving there? Jane points out a few features that make Barcelona such a great destination, whether for a vacation visit or something more long term. Especially the €2 Tapas and, well, everything else!

What to Do for the Perfect Luxury Weekend Getaway to Barcelona on Traveling Panties

Twitter: @travelpanties

My first visit to Barcelona was as part of a Mediterranean cruise, and I’ve spoken with several people who were also introduced to the city the same way. The lucky ones began or ended their cruise in Barcelona and were smart enough to extend their stay by a day or two to see the city. Katie Lara at Traveling Panties was one of those smart/lucky ones, and she captured the experience in wonderful detail. Whether you’re planning a trip to Barcelona or are feeling reminiscent, this post is one you’ll enjoy.

Photo: Casa Batllo

Antoni Gaudi’s iconic Casa Batllo is one of many must see sights in Barcelona. (Photo: 3dom)

10 Things to Do in Barcelona by TravelersPress

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Twitter: @TravelersPress | Facebook: TravelersPress

There are a few things (Sagrada Familia, La Rambla) that are on every list of things you must do in Barcelona. They’re on this list, too, but so are a couple of things we don’t see mentioned as often: visit Montserrat, eat the food (more on that next!), go to the beach. Go see the works of Barcelona’s other awesome artist, Joan Miro. If you have more than just a day or two, this list will serve you well. If you only have a day or two, I’d say to start at the top and see how far you can get. Then schedule another visit to finish the list!

A Gourmet’s Travel Guide to Barcelona on CataVino

Twitter: @catavino | Facebook: CataVino

Here’s a site we really wish we’d found before going to Barcelona. If you like local food and wine – and who doesn’t? – you’ll want to bookmark this post for your trip to Barcelona, or elsewhere in Spain and Portugal. CataVino is a very professional site with lots of info about Catalan cuisine, restaurants, bars, markets, and even tours. If you haven’t eaten yet, and maybe even if you have, this blog will make you hungry. You have been warned…but click on anyway.

Photo: Barcelona Beaches

Barcelona is one of Spain’s best beach towns, with miles of sand and surf which els barceloni love!

We’re curious about what you’re reading! Feel free to share your favorite travel blogs and web sites – even your own – in the comments below.

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