What We're Reading: Road Trip Edition

After writing about the Great River Road, our mind has been on road trips, the greatest of all summer travel adventures! And what do you do when there is no opportunity to hit the highway in your immediate future? You read about all the cool adventures on OPB (Other People’s Blogs). Yep, it’s the Road Trip Edition of What We’re Reading!

Maui’s Famed Road to Hana by Alex in Wanderland (Twitter: @WanderlandAlex / Facebook: WanderlandAlex)

We are big fans of the Road to Hana and we really like the blog Alex in Wanderland. Reading her account of the Road to Hana made us realize the value of a guide: We all did the Do It Yourself thing and none of us saw the lava tube tunnel she got to hike/swim through. Which led to another realization: We must go back to Maui! (We’ve actually known that since about the time we boarded the airplane headed home.)

Upclose & Personal on the Great Ocean Road by Lina & Dave, the Divergent Travelers (Twitter @DivergentTravel / Facebook: Divergent Travelers / Pinterest: @DivergentTravel)

18 Stops Along the Great Ocean Road by Marcel at Swiss Nomads (Twitter: @SwissNomads / Facebook: Swiss Nomads)

Many Americans tend to think automobile adventures are a strictly American thing, but there are great road trips around the globe and Australia’s Great Ocean Road sounds awesome! So much so that we found a couple of great posts about it. We enjoy the Divergent Travelers blog and reading about their camping trip (and bird spotting) definitely put another line in our research list for future trips. A link there introduced us to the Swiss Nomads and their post on the GOR, with play-by-play coverage of the whole trip. Fantastic!

Route 66: America’s Main Street by David Steel

Like many people, Rob #1 has a (not so) secret fantasy of touring the west, Easy Rider style. We all know it would probably more like Wild Hogs (“Four guys from the suburbs hit the road… and the road hit back.”), but that’s his fantasy: Riding a motorcycle the length of Route 66. And he found someone who did just that and documented it – all fourteen days from Chicago to LA – on this website. Although it’s a few years old (the trip was in 2010), it’s a great blog and, after reading it, Rob’s fantasy ride definitely seems like it could be one epic road trip. (Be sure to visit the Photo Gallery for some outstanding and daydream inspiring photos.)

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Road Trips also mean great soundtracks, like our playlist and trip from Texas to Arizona, Highway Star.

What’s your favorite or dream road trip? Let us know and send us a link with a Comment.

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