Holiday #Travel140: Don’t Let Your Guard Down

As the holidays come closer, we’re devoted to sharing tips to make at least the travel portion easier. It’s the #Travel140 #TravelTips Holiday Edition!

Don’t let your guard down! Identity thieves and pickpockets love distracted holiday crowds!


Your winter vacation can be ruined quickly by bad guys who prey on unsuspecting holiday travelers and shoppers. The best way to foil them is to stay focused and alert. Don’t carry all of your cash and credit cards with you all the time, and not all in one spot. Be watching for people watching you, and don’t let yourself get distracted during transactions or anytime your credit card, passport or ID, or travel documents are out. Carry your wallet in a buttoned pocket, or wrap a rubber band around it to make it harder to slip out of your pocket. If you carry a purse, keep it closed and in front of you.

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