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Monday Travel Motivation – The Most Dangerous Worldview

Our new series of inspirational and motivational images and quotes related to traveling continues with something that’s been on our mind. This Monday, the world is still reeling from a series of deadly attacks and conflicts motivated by the darkest shadows in the human psyche: fear, hate, intolerance, anger, and retaliation. The one common thread is a twisted view of the world, a view that separates people into different orders, religions, races. In every case, it’s Us vs Them. Which led us to consider our own worldview and how it’s been shaped by travel.

Alexander von Humboldt was a geographer, naturalist and explorer born in Germany in 1769. Among other things, he was the first to methodically explore and describe Latin America from a modern scientific point of view, and one of the first to propose that the lands bordering the Atlantic Ocean (South America and Africa in particular) were once joined. Alexander von Humboldt suspected what travelers understand: We were – and are – one. One earth. One race. One people.

How has travel shaped your worldview?

2 comments on “Monday Travel Motivation – The Most Dangerous Worldview

  1. Completely true! We are all one people and world citizens. Before we jump to conclusions about one another, we will get a clearer view actually knowing and living with one another. Travel has taught me that despite the different languages, food, practices and beliefs we have, we all want the same basic things–love, belonging and to survive.

    • Yes! What she said!! 🙂 I think that is the true beauty of the human race: Endless variety of food, language, customs, and costumes, but just one love, just one human race. Awesome comment, Brooke. Thank you so much.

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