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#Travel140: Use a Rental Car Pre-Flight Checklist

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Before driving off the lot, have a checklist & be sure you know your rental.

You know your car inside and out, and probably feel so comfortable in the driver’s seat that you don’t even think about the things you do every day. But, when you get into a rental car, you might feel a bit like a test pilot in a new cockpit. You know how things work, but ah…how do you start this thing? Where are all of your familiar buttons, knobs, and switches?

Rental Car Pre-Flight Checklist via @TravelLatte.net

There’s a reason why pilots have a routine pre-flight checklist before taking off. Part of it is familiarization, part of it is muscle memory training. You should consider doing the same before zooming off the lot in a rental car.

At very least, make sure you know how to turn on the lights and windshield wipers. You’re going to need those sooner or later. Of course you’ll want to check your mirrors, and be sure you know how to adjust the side mirrors.

What else should you check? We’ve made a handy, pocket-sized Rental Car Pre-Flight Checklist you can print and keep with you!

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