#Travel140: Check Your Seat!

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Carefully check your seat when you get out of the plane/train/taxi. Anything left behind is gone forever.

Disney BusSee that lovely Disney bus in the picture? Wonderful thing about Walt Disney World – it is a magical place where life can sometimes be more forgiving. My cell phone was on a bus just like that. I was not. I discovered this when I wanted to take a picture with my smartphone just after disembarking at Downtown Disney. Luckily, I was able to go right to Guest Relations and let them know what happened, which bus I was on and when. Later that day, my phone was in the helpful hands of Lost & Found.

This story had a suitably Disney-esque happy ending, but tales of items left behind rarely do. That’s why we should always make a habit of carefully checking the seat when getting out of a bus, taxi, airplane, rental car…any seat, really. Chances are good that once you leave the vehicle, anything you didn’t take with you is gone forever.

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