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#Travel140: Heading Outdoors with Permethrin

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Heading outdoors? Spray Permethrin on clothes/gear to repel insects; available @ camp stores.

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical often used as an insecticide and repellent, and as a treatment for lice, which is widely available in crème and aerosol form at camping, sporting and outdoors outfitters such as REI, Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas.

It is safe, inexpensive, easy to apply, and long lasting. A spray bottle of Permethrin should cost less than $20US. You can spray it directly on clothing, tents and gear, then allow to dry before using. Treated garments can be laundered repeatedly before losing effectiveness. In fact, it is so effective that US and British military uniforms are treated with Permethrin to protect soldiers from biting insects.

While it is generally considered safe for birds or mammals at prescribed levels, it is dangerously toxic to cats and fish.

(Posted: 2013/07/08)

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