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Seas(ing) d Day - Reliving our day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Sea’s(ing) d Day – Reliving our day with SEAduced by Belize

Something you can’t help but notice on Ambergris Caye, Belize: There is no shortage of watercraft. We saw it all; kayaks to catamarans, the occasional luxury yacht, even a cruise ship. And… would you believe a houseboat called Sea’s d day? We climbed aboard for a day with SEAduced by Belize.

Seas d Day

Houseboats are not typically ocean-going vessels. But then, the waters around Belize are not your typical ocean. On the leeward side of Ambergris Caye, the water is as smooth as glass, and not very deep. There are hidden beaches to enjoy, and calm lagoons to explore. It’s the perfect setting for a houseboat. If only houseboats went to sea.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

The crazy thing is, someone did it. They bought a houseboat and refurbished it, stem to stern. Then surrounded it with kayaks, paddleboards, and floaties, and set it afloat at Ambergris Caye. They named it Sea’s d Day. Brilliant is an understatement!

Meet the Crew

That someone is actually a pair: Rebecca and Elito, an American expat with some mean culinary skills, and her Belizean husband who grew up on the very waters he shows visitors today. Together, they run the tour company SEAduced by Belize; aptly named, as the country will seduce you just as it did Rebecca.

As a tour company, they offer a full range of water and land-based excursions: cave tubing and ziplining, full- and half-day sailing and snorkeling outings, and trips to explore Mayan ruins. SEAduced can fill your time in Belize with a different adventure every day from their base in San Pedro.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

The crew of Sea’s d Day, with owners Rebecca and Elito on the right. Thankfully, nobody was hurt by the vicious Fruit Shark.

There is something different you can do, though: Enjoy the island’s only Wine & Tapas Sunset Cruise aboard Sea’s d Day. They also offer a standard sunset cruise on the houseboat, where you can end the day on the expansive upper deck while Elito guides the boat through the island’s leeward lagoons. Coming back to dock by starlight is just about the best night life in Belize!

That all sounds great, but we wanted more sun and fun! And boy did we find it.

A Full Day on Sea’s d Day

Let’s be honest: Belize is known for Mayan ruins and snorkeling on the world’s second largest barrier reef. That was our main motivation for visiting Belize, and we spent several days on, in, and under the water. We thought we might spend another day on the reef, but Rebecca suggested we try a day on the houseboat.

Your reaction might be similar to ours: A houseboat?

We cannot say enough about how great that day turned out to be! Here’s how everything went down:

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Joining SEAduced by Belize for their Full Day excursion meant starting early, but what a reward for early risers!

See more from Belize and our day aboard Sea’s d Day on Instagram!

Up Early

This was not by choice; we were on vacation, after all. The full day adventure on Sea’s d Day begins at 9am, but to get there by water taxi meant being at our hotel pier before 7am. The only thing out that time of morning were the iguanas claiming their spots on the sea wall.

Getting into town early was good, since we really didn’t know our way around. It gave us time to explore a quiet San Pedro, and find some breakfast. San Pedro is not that big, though, and we still managed to get to the dock well before 9am.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Like every good house, Sea’s d Day welcomes visitors on the front deck.

Welcome Aboard!

Soon enough, we were welcomed aboard Sea’s d Day, and met our hosts and staff. Their warm welcome made us feel immediately at home, as though we were joining old friends for the day. As the crew made final preparations, Rebecca told us the story behind their newest adventure, how she came to be a tour operator in Belize, and how much Ambergris Caye has changed in the 20 years since starting SEAduced.

A quick tour of the downstairs shows how much they remodeled the ship. You’re welcomed aboard on the front deck, where there is room for several to sit and enjoy the sail. Inside is a large lounge where kids can play, and where meals are served. Towards the back is a quieter sitting area where once there were bedrooms, along with “the heads” (boat-speak for restrooms). A sliding door leads to the back deck and a spiral staircase going up.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Everybody loves a rooftop party patio, especially on a houseboat!

Top Side

After exploring the air-conditioned cabin, we ventured up top while the boat slipped effortlessly through the waters. As a houseboat, we set no new speed records, but kept a steady pace without any rocking. If you don’t like the motion of waves, this might be the water excursion for you.

From the top deck, you get a great, 360-degree view of the passing scenery. It’s easy to see why Madonna called San Pedro ”La Isla Bonita.” Captain Elito knows these waters like you know your own neighborhood. He filled us in on the surroundings, pointed out landmarks, and answered a barrage of questions from kids and adults. As a group, we sighed in secret jealousy as we passed the beautiful AcquaFino Island Resort and Spa, and the Cayo Espanto private island resort.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Among the sights we passed was the exclusive AcquaFina Island Resort & Spa, though the entire trip was beautiful.

While we sailed away from San Pedro, a selection of fresh fruits, muffins, and juices was served. The crew made sure nothing was left wanting, without being intrusive. It really had the feel of being a guest in their home, relaxing and chatting with fellow passengers.

Despite it being the middle of July, the weather was beautiful, and we gave in to the temptation of lounge chairs. A large section of the top deck is covered so there is escape from the Belizean sun or occasional shower. Since it was sunny and comfy, we chose to be like the iguanas we saw earlier, and soaked up the sunshine. “This,” we decided, “is the life.” Somewhere, time just disappeared. Maybe we were up there for an hour, maybe it was several. ¿Quién sabe? We were past knowing or, frankly, caring.

Dropping Anchor

Since we had lost all sense of time, we are going to guess that we had sailed for about 90 minutes before arriving at the most idyllic lagoon. A crescent of sand was capped by low forest growth, with mangrove thickets at either end. From the beach, all you could see was forest in one direction, and ocean in the other, making it seem a world away. A small shelter completed the Castaway-esque setting. If Gilligan’s Island was still in production, it could have been filmed right here.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Sea’s d Day and her water toys at anchor, waiting for guests.

But that water! Crystal clear and so inviting. Most of the cove was shallow enough for wading, but deep enough to swim, or enjoy the water toys we brought along. As soon as we were anchored, the crew emptied the toy box. Kayaks, paddleboards, and colorful floaties were strung like a lei across the lagoon. For the next few hours, this expanse of ocean was our swimming pool. And the whole time we were there, not another soul appeared.

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Water Sports!

The Captain had fishing on his mind, and invited anyone interested to accompany him. (We were assured there was a backup plan in case he didn’t catch our lunch!) Our hearts were set on paddling, though. In fact, that is the main reason we were excited for the full day excursion! Since the crew set out kayaks and paddleboards, we commandeered one of each and set off to explore the lagoon on our own. Other guests enjoyed swimming and snorkeling, or floating on the innertubes. It was a great opportunity to try a paddleboard or kayak if you never have. While the water was shallow and calm, it’s good to know the staff could leap into action if anyone got into trouble. Which may or may not have happened. To us.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

A Full Day excursion with Sea’s d Day includes time to explore on a kayak or pattleboard.

Perhaps more importantly, snacks! We mentioned that Rebecca has some mean culinary skills, right? Picture this: You’re sitting in a kayak, paddling hard to work off a few days of Belikin beers and lobster ceviche. Suddenly, one of the staff walks up (we told you the water was shallow!) with a tray. Of lobster fritters. For you.

Never. Going. Home.

Back the Boat Up!

Back on the boat, our hosts had been working hard preparing lunch: delicious grilled chicken with peppers and onions, cilantro rice, black beans, jicama slaw, and handmade tortillas. An authentic Latin lunch, punctuated by a selection of homemade sauces and guacamole. Exotic mojitos and margaritas (and soft drinks for the kids) paired well with lunch.

While we enjoyed Rebecca’s amazing lunch, the crew repositioned the boat. There was nothing wrong with where we were except…shallow. This houseboat has a slide and, by golly, the kids aboard deserved a slide! (No matter that some of them were definitely retirement age.)

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Having a houseboat is like having your own waterpark at sea, with a slide from the top deck!

Once the boat was anchored in deeper water, the slide was open for business. There’s something you’ll never see on a catamaran or America’s Cup vessel! And there is something about a slide that appeals to just about everyone. Especially a slide that ends with a refreshing plunge in clear, Caribbean waters. What was that we said earlier? “This is the life!”

A Farewell Snack

Again, we had no concept of time out there in the lagoon. Maybe it was an hour, maybe it was a day before most everyone was back aboard, and there were more snacks. Rebecca was at it again with delightful banana fritters and caramel sauce. These are the sort of vacation stories that make people back home think you’re making stuff up. We’re not. We have pictures!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and it was time to leave our lovely lagoon. Slowly, Sea’s d Day made her way back home while her passengers napped or visited. All too soon, we were docked again in San Pedro Town, and bidding Rebecca, Elito and the staff farewell.

Sea's d Day - A Day with SEAduced by Belize, via @TravelLatte.net

Looking Back

At first, the idea of a day on a houseboat seemed less appealing than all the options for snorkeling and sailing around Ambergris Caye. In the end, though, it’s the day we talk about most from our trip to Belize! Don’t get us wrong; we enjoyed everything we did in Belize. But nothing was as unique as our day aboard Sea’s d Day, or came as more of a surprise. Would we recommend it? You bet. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat.

We did a lot of water-based excursions in Belize, but not all of them were with SEAduced by Belize. Having seen their boats, and experienced their service, we would not think twice before booking any excursion with this family-owned business. They are that good.

Ready to Go?

Be sure to take:

  • Sunscreen (Preferably an eco-friendly/Reef-Safe Sunscreen)
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Brimmed hat and sunglasses
  • Flipflops / sandals are fine; there is no coral on the leeward side
  • Camera – the scenery is fantastic! (Waterproof/resistant if you have one.)
  • Appetite for fun and good food

Where to Stay

Find Hotels on Ambergris Caye with Expedia.


We visited Belize in the off season, so we think our day on Sea’s d Day probably had fewer people than you should expect in the winter. In all, there were a little more than a dozen people, plus staff, on our cruise. Sea’s d Day is a 58-foot houseboat, so there is room for many more before it starts getting crowded.

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Although we went as a couple, the excursion is suitable for solo travelers (we had one on our trip) and families (had one of those, too!), and for all ages. It is a water-based activity, but you don’t have to be a swimmer. As noted, the water is shallow, and you’ll be surrounded by floating toys. Or you can stay on the boat and enjoy the pristine scenery and good company.

You can book your full day or Sunset Cruise on Sea’s d Day directly with SEAduced by Belize. Be sure to look at their other tours as well. Belize has a lot to offer, and the SEAduced crew will help you make the most of it.

Disclaimers: TravelLatte received a reduced rate courtesy of SEAduced by Belize. In no way did that influence our review. All opinions are entirely our own.

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