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Don’t Miss the Water Shots

#TravelTip: Stash an inexpensive waterproof camera in your bag for rainy/beachy/pool days!

Photo: Mom and daughter with underwater camera

Ever missed a great photo op because you didn’t want to get your camera wet? We have the answer, so you won’t ever miss that perfect pool picture again!

There are many camera options these days that are “water safe.” GoPro is probaby the first thing that comes to mind but, honestly, it’s probably more than you need for a few fun family photos. Some smartphones are submersible, but it may not be worth splashing out (pun intended!) on an upgrade. And we know plenty of people (us included!) who are just a tad nervous still when it comes to taking a smartphone anywhere near water. (What can we say? Old habits die hard.)

Instead, consider packing something cheap and waterproof for those rainy days, water parks, pool days, or trips to the beach. They’re perfect for places you don’t want your expensive camera or smartphone going, and you won’t miss that “perfect shot!”

Don't Miss the Water Shots - Underwater Family Photo - TravelLatte

Waterproof Camera Options

You have two main options when it comes to inexpensive waterproof cameras:

  • Disposable 35mm cameras (like this Fujifilm camera) are inexpensive but do have one big drawback: You have to get the pictures developed. (Yes, that’s still a thing!) Starting at about $12, though, it’s a good, cheap option.
  • Waterproof Digital Cameras, which sounds expensive but doesn’t have to be. You could go for a solid digital camera like the Olympus Tough cameras, a good choice if you want a simple but good all around camera that travels well. However, reasonably good waterproof cameras can be found for as little as $50. We have a range of recommendations, including a really fun kid’s camera, below.

Which one you choose is partly a matter of budget and partly practicality. Ask yourself how much you want to spend (and don’t forget to add costs to develop the 35mm film) and how often you’ll use it. More often than not, an inexpensive digital camera is your best bet.

Gotta Go GoPro?

If you are dead set on an “adventure” camera like the GoPro, do some shopping. We have a GoPro, and also a dramatically less expensive version. Honestly, we cannot tell the difference when looking at the footage. That said, the newer GoPro cameras do have some options that less expensive versions do not. The biggest differences we’ve seen are frame rates, resolution, and field of view (ie: wide angle). We’ve included one inexpensive action camera in our recommendations below.

What Do We Use at TravelLatte?

We like to travel with a good all-around digital camera that is packable, durable, and waterproof…and doesn’t cost a fortune. Sounds like a unicorn, doesn’t it? Nice to have, but impossible to find. That said, we have more gadgets than any reasonable couple should, partly because we enjoy trying out new toys in search of that unicorn.

We do use a DSLR for most of our shots. Our beloved Canon 80D is pretty rugged and “environment” sealed, but it’s not waterproof, and it’s pretty big. Our GoPro is small and waterproof, but doesn’t have the range we really want. And let’s face it: Nobody really wants to carry around a camera for every occasion on every outing! We find a good compromise is a compact digital “point and shoot” camera, like the Ricoh WG-70 camera, which shoots Full HD video, and photos from macro to landscape, with a price tag of just $250.

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