#Travel140: Anti-Blister Secret Weapon!

#Travel140 #traveltip: Anti-blister secret weapon: antiperspirant! Apply to heels b4 socks to reduce moisture and chafing!

Anti Blister Secret WeaponApply antiperspirant to your heels, toes or wherever you’re blister prone before putting on your socks and shoes. We’ve been doing a lot of walking this summer, so we had a the chance to test this out with good results. It helps reduce moisture and smooths rubbing against the shoe, which can lead to blisters. Wearing comfortable shoes that you’ve already “broken in” also helps avoid blisters. If you’re stuck in new shoes, apply a band aid to your foot where the shoe rubs. And, if your socks get wet, put on a dry pair as soon as possible.

(Posted: 2013/07/22)

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