#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

#Travel140: Get a Road Trip Check Up Before You Hit the Road

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Get a pre-Road Trip automotive checkup…because breakdowns are no fun!

#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

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All across America – and around the globe – the Road Trips are a time honored vacation tradition. Make sure yours doesn’t end like a horror movie with a roadside breakdown on a deserted highway with no place to hide from the zombies! (Or from shady mechanics with dollar signs in their eyes.) Before you hit the road, get the family wheels a vehicular check-up, whether you do it yourself or visit your local auto shop.

If you do it yourself, be sure to check…

  • Windshield Wipers
  • Tire Pressure (don’t forget the spare tire!)
  • Tire Condition (aka: the Penny Test, and again with the spare tire!)
  • Fluids (radiator, brakes, transmission, anti-freeze)
  • Brakes
  • Lights (headlights, tail lights, brake lights)
  • Air Filters (just like the oil change guys keep asking)
  • Emergency Kit (jumper cables, flares/reflectors, first aid kit)

It’s worth checking the condition of your oil as well, or taking your car in for an oil change about a week before you leave. Don’t take it in just a day or two before you go; though rare, things have been known to go wrong within a few days of an oil change or other routine maintenance.

Do you have something to add to the list? Let us know in the comments, and then have a great Road Trip!

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